Boat Share

Post comments here to search for others that need a partner to paddle their boat.

9 responses to “Boat Share

  1. Angele and others new to the event – its really easy to make new friends on Paddle GA and find people to hang out with.

  2. Aurora, 16′, Royalex 67lbs. I need someone (male or female) to paddle with me for all 7 days. You’ll be up front. A young person is ok as long as a parent paddles with us. I am a 53 year old male CPA in public practice.

  3. I have a new (to me) 12-footer that I want to try out on this jaunt,
    but if you don’t locate anyone else, let me know! Ed Krebs (a senior,
    with fuller particulars if you’re interested….)

  4. Cindy Leighton

    Once again I will be joining PG by myself and will be looking for paddle partners for this year’s paddle. I enjoyed last year’s PG so much that I couldn’t wait to sign up for the next, I already had my vacation days set before this year’s calendar. I am looking forward to seeing my friends I met last year and meeting new friends this year.

  5. Parrie Pinyan

    My paddling partner and I are looking for a two person kayak. A 13 footer or longer lightweight would be best. I can transport.

  6. Marcelle Harris

    My name is Marcelle, and I am a 56 yr old grandmother and a middle school life science teacher. This will be my first paddle GA trip but not my first paddle trip. I am looking for paddle partners and hope to make lots of new friends.

  7. Cindy Leighton

    Hopefully we can meet Friday or Saturday and you can paddle with us if you choose. You will have 300+ new friends by the time we reach Darien! This will be my daughter’s first GA Paddle, my second. My daughter will be with the Project Wet Program and I plan to participate in the Adopt A Stream Training.

  8. Marcelle Harris

    Sounds good. My personal onfo if you want to contact me,

  9. I’m early on wait list for Paddle GA. Newbie. Veteran of 16 BRAGs and comfortable in water; Okefenokee Swamp main water experience. Strong from weight lifting but inexperienced with navigation/reading river. Am looking to trade financial support for boat share with experienced partner. Email:

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