Ride Share

Post here to look for others that want to carpool to and from Paddle Georgia.

5 responses to “Ride Share

  1. Looking forward to the week.

  2. We are looking forward to the week as well. This will be our first time doing the Georgia Paddle. We are very excited 🙂

  3. Mike Paulk

    I’m solo paddling from Chatsworth to Rome and would like to have my truck at each nights campsite. One way to do so would involve a second driver with their vehicle who would team with me on Monday afternoon, June 20th to drive both vehicles the 25 miles from Chatsworth High School to Calhoun High School, leave my truck at Calhoun High School, then ride back to Chatsworth High School. The next day after both have paddled to Calhoun High School, we drive back to Chatsworth to pick up the second vehicle. Similarly, on Thursday afternoon, June 23d we both drive the 23 miles from Calhoun High School to Heritage Park in Rome, leave my truck there, then ride back to Calhoun. The next day after both have paddled to Heritage Park, we drive back to Calhoun to pick up the second vehicle.
    If interested in this arrangement or some other plan that accomplishes the same thing, please contact me, Mike Paulk, 404-321-2921.
    Please respond by May 30th . . . in case I need to reserve a shuttle seat.

  4. Sounds like a good plan and I would like to partner up with you and anyone else that has joined with you, reference moving trucks. I will give you a call this afternoon. 30 May 2016

    Lou Smith 706-888-0296

  5. cary baxter

    Looking for a partner to shuttle vehicles during 2016 Paddle Georgia. Give me a call on my cell 478-747-6180 Cary S Baxter

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